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Manufacturing Playing Cards Since 70 Years

We were established in 1951 by our founder Shri Wazir Chand Kapoor, After working for 2 decades in Sadar Bazar (Old Delhi) in 1971 Playing Cards Industry expanded and our founder Shri Wazir Chand Kapoor along with his son Shri Sarvan Kumar Kapoor expanded their venture and got re-established themselves in Industrial Heart of Delhi Mayapuri. INDIA HOUSE earned its name during 70’s and was declared as one of the best printing press in Delhi. Carrying On the Legacy further India Tash House made their name in one of the best playing card manufacturers in India. We have always believed in serving the best quality of playing cards to our customers. As large scale manufacturing firm, we have the flexibility and resources to meet our standards and maintain the best quality in 21stcentury. Since 70 years India Tash House has evolved a step further by collaborating with various companies for building a brand value and advertising their products, along with reaching the heights with developing our own Brands Like Tractor. 

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Our Creative Team consist of

great artist who are responsible

for producing inspired,

visually appealing Playing Cards

that serves a broader

marketing strategy.

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