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Tractor Playing Cards

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Tractor Playing Cards is a brand name in itself, It is the first and oldest brand child of India tash House.

It was launched in 1956 keeping in mind India being "The Land of Agriculture" our focus was strictly towards targeting the majority share of the population in rural India,

Having a vast spread of folks in farming and agriculture we focused on targeting this massive market with cost-effective prices. From the past six decades our brand “ Tractor Playing Cards" is loved by everyone. Having a soothing light pastel shades of blue and green farms and our very own Tractor logo running over the farms.

It is loved by our target market.We are proud of our product, winning the hearts of our people. Loved by generations and looking forward many more to come. Now Tractor is so famous that it has also made a mark in urban cities of India.

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